Engineering Advisory Counsel

Although the trustees collectively have a vast experience in education, in order to widen the scope, the following Engineering Advisory Council has been constituted. The advisors regularly visit the Institute to interact with the faculty and the students.

Name Area Academic Background Designation
Dr. Raveendran Pottathil Biotech Ph.D, Cancer Research Institute, Bombay President, AccuDx, Inc., USA
Dr. Cary Y. Yang Micro Electronics Ph.D Univ. of Pennsylvania, Prof./Director Santa Clara Univ., USA
Dr. Inder Raj Trehan Chemistry Ph.D Panjab Univ., USA Chandigarh Ex-HOD, Chemistry Dept. PU, Chandigarh
Dr. Hemant K. Thapar Electronics & Comm. Ph.D, Purdue Univ., USA VP & General Manager, LSI Logic Corp., USA
Dr. Jianmin Qiao Materials Science Ph.D, Univ. of Rome, ITALY R&D Director, Advanced Optics Sol. Inc., USA
Mr. Gopal k. Aggarwal Mechanical MS, Stanford Univ., USA VP Engg., Gordon Prill, Inc. USA
Mr. Sandeep Gopisetty Computer Science MS, Santa Clara Univ., USA Project Leader, IBM Almaden Res Centre, USA
Mr. Paresh Patel Electronics Design MS, Santa Clara Univ., USA President & CEO, System Level Solutions, Inc., USA