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Zonal Youth Festival – 2019

“It is indeed a pleasure to inform that Zonal Youth Festival for Ambala Zone under the aegis of Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra is being organized at Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research (ACE) from 5th to 7th Oct 2019. The Youth Festival extends countless opportunities and inspiration to the students to cater to their creative energies. It is the vigor of the youth that stimulates the growth and advancement of a nation. Be that as it may, the young students must be provided with an appropriate platform which can empower them to properly channelize their productive abilities and reveal their hidden talent in a befitting style. That singly can guarantee the holistic development of their personality and prepare their glorious future. They set for themselves high standards of excellent cultural performances resulting in enchanting achievements. Such an endeavor will inculcate a feeling of self-control, self-dependence, maturity, enthusiasm, and determination that will impel them to step forward in the journey of life.”

Last date of event wise submission (as per university format) is 01st Oct, 2019 upto 5:00 p.m.

The entry form must be duly filled, signed and stamped by the competent authority. These entries may please be sent by mail at : zonalyouthfest@ambalacollege.com

Download The Entry Form here : Click here to download

Department of Youth and Cultural Affairs Information Bulletin 2019-20: Click here to view