Our Inspiration-Our Chairman

Dr. Jai Dev

Graduate in Indian Medicine from Gurukul Kangri in 1946. Lead the group study delegation sponsored by Rotary International to different countries. Acted as President of Haryana Chamber of Commerce (1992-98) and Gandhi Peace Foundation (1967-76). Actively involved in starting a Cancer and General Hospital and School for Deaf Children at Ambala Cantt.


Name of Trustees Academic Background Professional Background
Dr. Jai Dev Graduate in Medicine,Gurukul Kangri Business -55 years, Education -30 years
Dr. Sah Dev Gupta M.B.B.S Ophthalmogist – 45 years, FRCS (England)
Mr. Brahm Dev Gupta M.Pharma Industry – 50 years
Mr. Som Dev Gupta Graduate Business – 45 years
Mr. Nalini Kant Gupta M.S,Electrical Engg. Industry – 40 years, Berkeley, USA
Mr. Rajni Kant M.S,Electrical Engg. Industry – 38 years MBA Berkeley, USA
Mr. Sharat Chandra Gupta BE, Electrical Engg. Industry – 20 years
Dr. Ashawant Gupta Ph.D, Electrical Engg. Industry – 15 years, Santa Clara Univ., USA
Teaching – 17 years
Dr. Viney Gupta MBBS, Post Grad Teaching -15 years, in Ophthalmology Ophthalmologist -15
Dr. Satish Garg MBBS General Practice-35 years, Education-25 years
Mr. Yash Pal Dass Graduate Business-40 years, Education-25 years
Mr. Arjun Dev Gandhi Chartered Accountant CA-35 years, Education-10 years
Dr. Desh Bandhu Ph.D Botany SD College (Lahore) Ambala Cantt
Dr. Surjit Angra Ph.D, Mech. Engg Asst. Prof. NIT, Kurukshetra
Mr. Adeesh Kumar Jain B.Com, LLB Lawyer-40 years, Education-35 years
Mr. Rajinder Singla MA, LLB Business-30 years