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The Institute is of the strong opinion that the technology developed in the institute should be transferred to the industry for its commercial exploitation for the benefit of society. ACE has developed and is further developing close ties with the industry to make this institute a centre of excellence and breeding ground for high-tech entrepreneurship.


Campus Connect is an Infosys-sponsored industry-academia collaboration program to align engineering student competencies with the latest industry needs. The institution is continuously running the program since 2011 after signing an MOU with Infosys Ltd. The program helps the students in applying their learning to practical situations, with special emphasis on teamwork, project management, cross-functional networking, and effective communication.


The institute faculty periodically keeps attending the Faculty Enablement Programs on industry-oriented courses organized by Infosys through various seminars and workshops. Under these programs, Infosys Ltd extends all possible support for the training of the faculty at its Education & Research Centers. The programs aim at equipping the faculty with the latest knowledge and trends in the industry, which is thereafter transferred to the students, thereby enhancing their education levels and thus increase their employability.


The following industries from USA/India are actively interacting with the College for the development of projects of industrial importance:

  • Collaboration with Advanced Micro Devices Pvt. Ltd. for the development of Narrow-band Interference Filters using a Vacuum Evaporator-a sponsored project costing Rs 10 Lakhs.
  • The Institute has signed an MOU with Ambala Scientific Instruments Manufacturing Association (ASIMA) to train its members to develop specific new instruments and impart value addition to the existing instruments. Two centres viz CREE and CRMS have already been set up for this purpose and are contributing effectively.
  • System Level Solutions Inc., USA for the design and development of VHDL systems and we had been provided with equipment such as Logic Analyzer, Embedded System Boards, etc.
  • Fab Services, Santa Clara, USA for Simulation and Design of a Bi-CMOS Process.


1. Planning: Strictly follows the academic schedule as prescribed by the Kurukshetra University. Faculty plan their lectures, keeping in mind the current topics as part of the curriculum and as per the requirements of the students.

2. Delivery of Lectures: Faculty mostly uses LCD projectors and slides to make learning more lucid and effective.

3. Control Feedback: By evaluation of assignments, practical ability testing, and routine seasonal exams.

4. Assignments: Assignments are a regular feature of the academic schedule and always include the current patterns of the subjects.

5. Guest Lectures: Inviting eminent guests for lectures is routine practice. The frequency of inviting a guest lecture for a particular branch of Engg is once a fortnight.
6. Academic Audit: This audit is done through sessions, research, and project reports.


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