TPO Message

Ajay Pal Singh (Air Veteran)
Training & Placement Officer

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”



We here at Ambala College of Engineering & Applied Research (ACE) ensure that our students are prepared for the opportunities that await them in the professional arena.

As the Training and Placement Officer of ACE, I extend a cordial invitation to all interested organizations, to our campus where they can find quality engineers with good practical and hands-on knowledge which makes them an eligible class of new professionals.

As for the budding engineers I would like to say,

Broaden your horizon, by attending as many placement drives as you can. As you know failure is not the end of the journey but a stepping stone to success. The increased exposure will boost your confidence and improve your personality.

Make yourself eligible. Set your goals early and score well in your all semesters without any backlog. Less academic marks and backlogs may seize the placement opportunity that comes your way during the campus.

And most importantly, be open-minded and dedicated towards the job that you secure. Any job, especially a new one, requires great commitment and allegiance on your behalf. So consign yourself to the job. Don’t confine yourself to your hometown. Explore new opportunities and learn new technologies to improve your skills.

In the coming years, the substantial need of Engineers would be there for making Digital India; hence be proud to be an Engineer with a 24×7 hours ready frame of mind to serve any part of the country without any second thought. Boundaries and bonds don’t matter if your goals are big and better.

It is heartening to note that ACE has been organizing pool campus placement drives successfully; where students from a number of colleges are participating and getting jobs. I wish the on-campus recruitment programs a great success and shall always look forward to mutually beneficial relationships with the recruiters of our graduates in years ahead.

In the end, I would like to say, nothing beats the feeling of leaving your campus with one or more offer letter(s) in hand. So,

“Think small goals, expect small achievements.
Think big goals, win big success!”