Biotechnology Engineering

The department works on the vision i.e. to attain a leading role in Biotechnology research, technology development and promotion of incubation centers for industry and entrepreneurs. To achieve this vision, the department is going through various missions such as:-

(i)  To impart strong theoretical and practical knowledge to students in the field of Biotechnology so that they will be  able to apply  this multidisciplinary knowledge to the field situation

(ii)  To analyze and fulfill the professional and societal needs nationally and globally

(iii)  To enhance skills of the students by training to excel in bio-industry through research and development,

(iv)  To promote the development of different assays related to the field of biotechnology

 (v)  To interact students with leading professionals and entrepreneurs to gain a broader perspective of industry and research.

In 2002, Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research (ACE) started B. Tech Biotechnology Engineering for the first time not only in Haryana but also in north India with an intake of 60. A total of 8 batches have passed out so far.

The department has well-qualified and experienced faculty members. In addition, the department has adjunct professors from abroad. All the faculty members have their own areas of specialization and they work on thrust areas of research such as Cell and Tissue culture Technology, Microbial Biotechnology, Immuno-Diagnostics, Hybridoma Technology, r-DNA Technology, Fermentation and Downstream process technology,  Bioinformatics, etc.

Besides fulfilling the requirements of the syllabus prescribed by the university,

  • The department also conducts training and Expert lectures by renowned personalities from industry and academia.
  • The department trains and motivates the students to give their best and constantly evaluates their performance in unit tests, surprise tests, lab tests, assignments, etc.
  • The students are counseled once a month, and their problems are understood and solved.

Students are also involved in college-level events such as

  • Science and Technology Fair,
  • Science Day
  • Engineers’ Day Functions under the aegis of Societies.

Students secure an internship for 6 weeks at a university abroad and work on a specific area of focus. Our students have completed their summer internship at universities in Germany and the USA, Core industries such as Ranbaxy Pvt Ltd, Cadila Healthcare, Panacea Biotech, Pfizer Animal Health Lab, Glenmark Pharma, Cadbury Pvt Ltd., Herbal India, Kaizen Pharmaceutical, Hash Biotech, Surya Pharmaceuticals, Belco Pharma, etc and Laboratories such as Verka Milk Plant, Narula Laboratories, Mahavira lab, ALKEM lab, KOS Diagnostic lab, Govt. Labs such as Forensic lab, NDRI, Karnal, etc.

Our students get the highest pass percentage in the University every semester. Many positions in the top five of the University. Topper of our branch is often the University toppers/gold medalists.

Department students publish research papers under the guidance of faculty members in various National and International Journals and present them at various conferences, workshops, and symposiums.

As far as research activities are concerned, the department has well-established and equipped Applied Biotech. Engg. Centre (ABEC) for the purpose of development of teaching kits for the diagnosis of TSH and hCG Hormones and antibiotics. Department also works on the application of Microbial Biofertilizers for Agricultural crops to increase their yield and grow them in an organic way.

Our students are placed in Dr. Reddys’ Lab, Infosys, Accenture, Biocon, Signicent, MDI, Panacea Biotech and students are getting higher degrees from various national and international institutions like Universities, NITs, IISER and IITs, and foreign Universities. Our students participate in university-level events/functions. I warmly invite you to explore the benefits of partnering with us.


Microbiology Lab
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Lab
Diagnostics and Immunology Lab
Cell and Tissue culture Lab
Fermentation and DSP Lab
Bioinformatics Lab
Advanced Molecular Lab and Project Lab and Applied Biotech Research Center