Institutional Innovation Council (IIC)

We’re now in the TOP 10% of colleges and universities, across the country

We’re excited to share a great news! Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research has achieved a fantastic three out of four-star rating by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. Not just that, we’re now in the top 10% of educational colleges and universities, across the country.

The achievement shows how dedicated we are to being innovative, and providing excellent and skillful education to our students. 

Being among the top 10 percent of educational institutions in the country proves that ACE College is committed to offering a top-notch learning environment. We want to thank everyone at ACE – students, teachers, staff, and everyone involved – for their hard work and contributions to this amazing success.

As we celebrate this big moment, we want to let you know that we’re not stopping here. We promise to keep getting better and bringing more innovation to education. This accomplishment inspires us to set even higher goals, strive for excellence, and make a meaningful impact on our nation’s academic scene.

VISION: Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) at ACE is committed to encourage, protect, manage and commercialize intellectual properties such as Patent, Copyright, Trademark etc. generated through the college. The council also creates conducive environment in the academics for the development of Entrepreneurship spirit among stakeholders.

MISSION: The elementary goal of the Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) is to make students and faculty members of ACE familiar with IPR and Entrepreneur promotion.

Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) at institute is a unique model based on Hub-Spoke and coherence approach to align with the innovation and entrepreneurship promotion and support programs are being organized by various departments and ensures round the year activities in campus for effective engagement, learning and practicing innovation and entrepreneurship among student and faculty community. Ideally, Institution Innovation Council is a faculty led but student centric body formed by the institute with active representation of entrepreneurial faculties, students and expert’s representations from regional ecosystem enablers, pre incubation and incubation centers within and outside the institute and work in synergistic manner to provide the platform to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by exposing them to new ideas and processes, resulting in innovative activities & entrepreneurial in their formative years. Institution Innovation Council plays an instrumental role in building and streamlining innovation and start-up ecosystem at institutional level. The operational model of IIC has inbuilt incentive system of measurement, rating, promoting and rewarding of best performing IICs and innovations coming out of IICs efforts to promote healthy competitions among institutions to build a strong and vibrant innovation and start-up ecosystem in campus.

The major objectives and activities of the Institutional Innovation Council (IIC) include:

  • To encourage creative and innovative research leading to the generation of new knowledge, ideas and inventions.
  • To provide faculty members, staff and students of ACE assistance in assessing the patentability and commercial potential of their inventions.
  • To train faculty members, staff and students about provisional patent filing procedures in India as well as the procedure for filing the applications under the patent cooperation treaty.
  • To engage key stakeholders (Student, Faculty and Institute) in an effective manner and developing healthy competition among IICs to carry out round the year activities.
  • To create mentor pools for student innovators and reward innovations.
  • To work as a bridge between MIC, AICTE, HSCST and the college.
  • To organize National Workshops/Seminars/Conference on IPR with the help of AICTE and DBT.
  • To organize guest lectures on different topics pertaining the importance of IPR & Entrepreneurship.
  • To encourage faculty members to carryout patent searches in-house and to fine-tune their search
  • To support common people to obtain protection for their inventions / innovative ideas.
  • To forward eligible cases of IP protection to IPO (Indian Patent Office), Delhi.

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