The Importance of Alumni

Alumni are valuable brand ambassadors, and we succeed when they do. With their accolades, our alumni bring pride to ACE while also paying testament to the efficacy of education at the Institute. This illuminates the path of success taken by them through the doors of ACE and illustrates positive examples for our students to follow. However, it is not enough to just celebrate their achievements but also to join in the conversations and generate synergies for our entire community

Hence, EPIC was established EPIC to facilitate the initiatives Innovation, and activities organized by the respective alumni groups. Members represent the group and provide valuable advice to ACE students on how best to engage them, and which activities provide value and appeal. EPIC serves to bolster our alumni and spawn more opportunities for them.

“Beyond recognition and awards, alumni may also find intrinsic satisfaction and meaning in giving back and staying in touch with their roots (alma mater).”

We welcome all past ACE graduates to connect with us. Here’s how you can get involved:

Alumni Ambassadors

Partnerships and collaborations between students and alumni can provide students with significant opportunities for growth and development. With the alumni’s experience, sharing, and coaching, they help raise the standard of the students while improving their own profile via association with ACE and EPIC.


Alumni bring professional expertise to benefit the Institute. Alumni play an important role in mentoring students and contributing scholarships to deserving students. As benefactors, most became donors themselves, thus raising the concept of reciprocity towards the noble value of giving.

Internship Placements

Alumni who have ventured ahead can provide placements for internships and offer valuable feedback about the industry standards and expectations.

To our alumni family, the human connection is always needed.
You can reach us at +91-9896000300 or

Let’s keep in touch and catch up over coffee!

Getting in touch with your roots, Here is a glimpse of our Alumni Meet: