Name Dr. Vikas Sharma
Designation Assistant Professor, Head of Department
Total Experience(Years) Academic: 4 Industry : 0 Research: 9
Qualification Ph. D. (Biochemistry), Post Doctorate (Durban, South Africa)
Subject Specialization Molecular Microbial Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics
Research Intrest Plant-microbe interaction, Biofertilisers, Bioremediation, Applied molecular biology
No. of Research Publications 8 (All international), 5 sequences submitted to Gene bank, 2 bacterial genome submitted.
No. of Post graduate students guided 3
No of Ph.D students guided 1(co-supervisor) Pursuing Ph.D.
No of Oral Presentation 2 (International conference)
No of Poster Presentation 2 (International), 5 (National)

Welcome to the Department of Biotechnology Engineering. Here, biology in its applied form is amalgamated with engineering. The department is at the center for learning theoretical and practical aspects of biotechnology since its inception in 2002. The department offers B. Tech degree in Biotechnology Engineering and is actively engaged in latest and hot areas of biotechnological research such as cell and tissue culture, microbial technology, diagnostics, bioinformatics, plant and animal biotechnology, new drug discovery and development. We have well qualified and experienced faculty members and a well-established research centre, Advanced Biotech Engineering Centre (ABEC) for Downstream Processing and Hybridoma Technology research. Our goal is to create capable young researchers, teachers and most important, entrepreneurs, with great thirst for knowledge and scientific curiosity.
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