Programme Educational Objectives

      • To prepare the students with essential knowledge in Basic Sciences, Life Sciences and related Engineering Sciences so that the students become successful professionals.
      • To provide solid base of foundation courses of Biotechnology so as to enable students to investigate and find solutions to practical problems faced by industries and society
      • To make students successfully capable of applying the knowledge of biotechnological phenomenon and their applications to analyze, design and develop solutions to the real life problems
      • To inculcate Professional attitude, Ethics, Communication and Managerial skills in students to process multidisciplinary projects
      • To provide students an excellent academic environment and necessary motivation for life- long learning process, essential for a successful professional career.

Programme outcomes

      • Graduates have working knowledge of basic sciences and key Engineering branches
      • Graduates are well versed with basic principles, laws and phenomenon with their mechanisms governing various life processes.
      • Graduates are able to analyze and assess various biochemical changes taking place under various physiological and pathological conditions.
      • Graduates can confidently use various techniques to learn, analyze and work on multidisciplinary projects.
      • Graduates are exposed to the applications of biotechnology in solving problems related to agriculture, animal sciences and environment.
      • Graduates have the skills to use various biotechnological tools to analyze and find solutions to the problems related to human health and social well being.
      • Graduates have the knowledge of professional ethics and biodiversity issues.
      • Graduates are motivated for self life-long learning and have the confidence to work on interdisciplinary projects keeping in view the latest developments in the field.
      • Graduates have good communication skills in both verbal and written forms.
      • Graduates have professional managerial Skills.
      • Graduates can be able to apply knowledge and understanding of biotechnology engineering and management principle in their project as a member and project leader in project team.